This will be a very short post with no pictures.  I hope to do much better tomorrow!  We left Leon this morning and nearly 30 Kilometers later, we find ourselves in the village of Hospital del Orbigo.  We walked over an ancient, cobblestone bridge to get to this town which has a rich medieval history of knights of the templar and jousting, etc.  Tomorrow we arrive in Astorga.  The mountains we’ll start climbing this Wednesday are already in view!  Tomorrow should be relatively easy, only 18 kilometers (about 10 miles) then we have two consecutive days of hiking to the highest point on the Camino Frances.  By this Wednesday we’ll have traveled more than half  way from Burgos to Santiago – more than 250 kilometers!

The extra days in Leon really helped Nancy and Andrea as they kept a healthy, steady pace today for the entire distance.  Heike and I are the two with very weary and painful feet.  I’m hobbling around right now like an old man.  Heike remains in the Champions League.  I’ve been pushed down to the Bundesliga!  She’s tough and still walking strong.

We had a very good meal this evening but are absolutely exhausted.  The wifi connection where we are staying is also dodgy at best.  Therefore, I won’t try to load any photos.  However, with a little luck in Astorga tomorrow, I hope to post a proper blog with photos.

We are all doing well.  We now believe that at the pace we’re going, we should be in Santiago by June 11.  We’ll see.

Thanks to all of you following this website and all the encouraging comments and prayers we’re receiving.  It really helps us and encourages us.

One thing I can share with those who are considering the Camino.  It is a deeply rich experience.  However, what I have learned so far is that reading about it is one thing, actually doing it is something altogether.  It will challenge you physically, emotionally and spiritually..