I’ve created this blog site to share with you my latest adventure.  After working for 47 years starting at the age of 13, I’ve decided to enter into a new phase in my life.  That of being a retiree.  What does that mean?  What will I do?  How will I survive?  Maybe the Camino will help provide guidance.  I’ve known of the Camino de Santiago de Campostela for many years.  It has intrigued me.   I see the Camino as an opportunity to transition off the treadmill I’ve known since boyhood to a new life that is presently unknown to me.  I don’t know where the Camino will lead me, if it leads me at all to anything new.  I only know that I must make myself available to the calling of the Camino.  Each of us have to experience our own Camino.  Only you can answer when the time is right for your own Camino.  My wife and daughter will join me on May 13 to Madrid, Spain.  We will begin our walk from Burgos.  I plan to share my journal and photos with you as we experience this journey.  My own Camino has now started.