We leave for Spain tomorrow morning early. Non-stop from Denver to Miami then Miami to Madrid.  Since we will be traveling all day, I will not make a new post tomorrow, Monday May 13.  I plan to start making daily posts starting this Tuesday, May 14.  We’ve prepared as best as our inexperience allows.  We’ve been relying on websites shared by other Pilgrims who have made the journey and assistance from the knowledgeable staff at REI.  Now it’s time for us to JUST DO IT!  I hope to also update my Preparation Page sharing with you all that we did leading up to May 13.

Our plan is to stay in Madrid this Tuesday then take the 0800 train from Madrid to Burgos this Wednesday.  We’ll stay in Burgos 2 day sightseeing the “Gothic Capital of Spain.”  We hope to be over our jet lag when we start our walk to Santiago this Friday, May 17. 

Buen Camino!